Foth’s client owned a stockyard that was impacting a nearby property with livestock waste runoff.  The stockyard covered more than 100 acres of land surface and was operational year-round.  Nitrogen levels and bacteria were of concern to the neighboring waterways.


Foth designed a Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) pre-approved remedy, and then provided oversight for construction of berm and basin runoff containment facilities.  Cattle were moved into holding areas during the several months of construction.  The remedy included two detention basins, measuring approximately 2 and 3.5 acres respectively, that were intended to stop stormwater from carrying manure bacteria and nitrogen onto adjoining properties.  Foth prepared the Land Disturbance permit application to the MDNR and assisted the client with stormwater, discharge, and nutritional monitoring as required by the facility’s operating permit.


Since Foth’s involvement, the client has returned to normal operations under their Revised Waste Management Plan.  The basins are preventing nitrogen and manure bacteria from negatively impacting surface waters that otherwise flowed onto adjacent properties.