Foth was retained by the Lower Fox River Remediation, LLC (LLC), to provide engineering and scientific assistance on a nine-year sediment cleanup project starting in 2008—arguably the largest project of its kind ever undertaken. Concerned with PCB contamination, the project was characterized by highly variable sediment sampling conditions, a vast sampling area, an energized public and stringent regulatory oversight.


Foth continues to assist the LLC by performing contract preparation, extensive sediment characterization, remedial design (RD) reviews, remedial facilities construction oversight and remedial action (RA) implementation oversight. We routinely review RA submittals, RA operations, pay requests and change order requests to keep project costs to the planned nine years and $600+ million budget. Foth also ensures contractor compliance with contract documents and the Statement of Work (SOW). Our team audits critical measures of the RA for compliance with the SOW, including RD and RA submittals, verifying dredge volumes, final dredge elevations, cover and cap placement thickness, and PCB residual concentrations.


Foth’s services allow the LLC to better evaluate and track contractor costs, reduce overall RA cost by precisely identifying areas of contamination, and ensure compliance with the established SOW. Our work performance continues to achieve both regulatory and public acceptance, and Foth’s Vibracore™ sediment characterization (2200 cores) has efficiently reduced overall remediation costs by precisely defining the depth of contamination in excess of the remedial action level. Approximately 1.5 million cubic yards of PCB-impacted sediment have been removed, with a planned total of 3.7 million cubic yards.  Approximately 30 acres have received engineered caps, with a planned total of approximately 350 acres.  Operable Units 2 and 3 are completed, leaving Operable Units 4 and 5 for future work.