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Bacon Slice Sheeting

Bacon Slice Sheeting


Our client needed a custom high-speed line with state-of-the-art technology to slice, place and stack sheets of bacon in bulk for the food service industry. This production line needed to be able to accurately place slices of bacon on sheets of paper and stack the sheets at higher rates than existing OEM equipment could provide. Our solution needed to accommodate the inconsistent position and temperature of product and had to combine partial groups of slices to create full sheets.


Foth was responsible for the concept development and proof of principle modeling that led to an acceptable custom equipment solution. Upon client approval, Foth completed the final detailed design and guided the manufacturing, assembly and testing of the equipment, including the provision of a performance guarantee and warranty for the provided equipment. All drawing information was transferred to the client for proprietary ownership


Our custom equipment solutions provided a 40% increase in throughput capacity compared to existing equipment and commercially available options. Stack accuracy and slice quality was significantly improved, and overall line efficiency exceeded all performance guarantee requirements.


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