A major U.S.-based beverage company needed to replace one of three roof-mounted cooling towers at its southwest U.S. facility.


Foth was hired to manage the construction project, which included a significant crane effort. The cooling tower location was difficult to access because of its mid-roof location and nearby utilities. We executed a critical lift and coordinated the cooling tower pick with a 360-ton mobile crane, using 350,000 pounds of counterweight and 200 feet of luffing jib.


The client was able to maintain production while the critical lift was successfully completed. Site logistics, including trucking, personnel and plant traffic, were managed without incident during the lift. Foth was congratulated by both plant and corporate management for the smooth completion of the project.

Competency Used

  • Construction management
  • Safety oversight
  • Multi-trade, multi-contractor scheduling
  • Critical lift planning
  • Emergency response planning
  • Operations interface
  • Cooling tower
  • Utility piping
  • Electrical power