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Automated Crust Handling Equipment

Automated Crust Handling


A large food manufacturer desired to automate the manual handling of pizza crusts within their entire manufacturing network (3 facilities and 10 high speed production lines). A custom equipment solution was required to eliminate the desired operating labor after a failed search for a commercially available equipment solution.


Collaborating with their client, Foth was responsible for the concept development and proof of principle modeling that led to an acceptable custom equipment solution. Upon client approval, Foth completed the final detailed design and was responsible for the manufacturing, assembly, and testing of the equipment including the provision of a performance guarantee and warranty for the provided equipment. All drawing information was transferred to the client for proprietary ownership.


The custom equipment provided by Foth allowed for a significant reduction of operating labor and increased throughput capacity throughout the entire pizza production network. Also, the solution improved ergonomics to reduce operator exposure to stress and injury. Foth was recognized for developing a solution after numerous unsuccessful attempts by others. The solution included automation simplicity while meeting the production requirements associated with a delicate and fragile product.



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