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DCS Controls System Migration

DCS Controls System Migration


A key Fortune 100 client is migrating their existing DCS-controlled chemical processes to the Emerson DeltaV DCS system. This will allow them to upgrade from older platforms that are no longer being supported by the manufacturer and to achieve standardization.


This key client has developed a 5-year master plan for the migration of processes located in several plants.  They are migrating these processes in a series of focused projects with each project typically consisting of processes being controlled by one or two controllers. Foth’s involvement in these conversion / upgrade projects includes providing engineering support to migrate the software, development of the system configuration, the design and development of new control system drawings and panels, the preparation of electrical construction drawings/documents, commissioning (checkout and start-up),  and operator training. Depending on the scope of the projects, existing I/O may be re-used or replaced, workstations are replaced, networks are revised, and Intrinsically Safe barriers are replaced. The configuration of the new DeltaV is determined by reviewing the code of the existing control system and the development of a new functional specification which drives the configuration and the development of the new graphics, interlocks and alarms.  Foth has conducted projects that have migrated the process control from Fisher-Provox to DeltaV, Moore APAC to DeltaV and Siemens S7/PCS7 to DeltaV.


The new DeltaV control system is the control system that is preferred by the plants. The migration of these existing processes to DeltaV provides standardization for operators and maintenance with a current, scalable DCS system that is fully supported by the manufacturer.



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