Faced with increasing product demands and environmental discharge problems, our client invested in a $40 million capacity expansion to replace outdated equipment with a state-of-the-art operation.


Foth was responsible for developing an efficient line layout to maximize throughput, developing the plant’s first major platform change to Control Logix PLC and new safety relay technology. We were also responsible for the coordination and total integration of major equipment vendors from Europe who were required to standardize their PLC, HMI and VFD platforms to conform to the client’s standards. Finally, Foth trained operators and maintenance personnel on the new technology.


The capacity expansion allowed for automation that reduced operating labor, utility costs and discharges to sanitary sewer systems. Also, common control hardware allowed for improved systems maintenance and reduced capital costs by minimizing electrical wiring to I/O and VFD drives.

Competency Used

  • Custom Machine Development & Manufacturing
  • Packaging systems integration
  • Process & Utilities
  • Electrical & Controls
  • Structural engineering
  • Line simulation to maximize system efficiency
  • Network database design
  • Integration of casing stuffers, stuffed casing conveyors, empty mould conveyors, mould loading and unloading, cook tanks, water and chilled brine systems, and mould washing systems
  • System design that included over 100 VFDs required for automation and over 250 automatic sanitary valves including an automatic CIP system