The East Central Solid Waste Commission (Commission) facility is situated on 226 acres of land in Minnesota. Originally permitted in 1970, the facility includes a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill, Class 1 construction and demolition landfill, yard waste compost area and recycling operations. The Commission selected Foth to prepare a permit application, provide annual engineering services, and provide design, construction management and quality assurance for the development of a new eight-acre MSW landfill cell.


The timeframe for completing the permit work was very short and the Commission needed to initiate construction of the cell within approximately 12 months. Foth worked with the Commission and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to meet the schedule by preparing plans and specifications and solicit bids for cell construction, concurrent with permitting.


Innovative technologies were employed during construction to manage leachate including excavation of waste and reconfiguration of the adjacent landfill cell; use of a rain sheet to divert precipitation to be managed as storm water rather than leachate; and reconstruction of the soil profile within the new land application area to optimize it for management of landfill leachate.