A major beverage company needed to install a $4 million green energy project in the mid-Atlantic region. A cogenerating engine project was to be completed using biogas from their wastewater facilities.


Foth was selected to manage the construction of the project and assist a Canadian engineering firm with the client’s design standards during the design phase. Foth assigned a full-time construction manager to the site for six months, and coordinated public utility, road and railroad easement issues, and the delivery of the overseas equipment to the site.


The project was completed on time while production at the facility was at its peak. Green electrical power is now being used by the client, resulting in significant utility savings for the plant.

Competency Used

  • Construction Management
  • Safety oversight, including methane procedures
  • Multi-trade, multi-contractor scheduling
  • Equipment import and delivery coordination
  • Constructability/engineering input during design phase
  • Change order management, payment processing and bid analysis
  • Startup support and operations interfacing
  • Railroad & DOT easement coordination
  • Electrical utility tie-ins and power distribution poles and lines
  • Iron sponge/gas scrubber and gas dryer skid
  • Shell and tube heat exchanger, centrifugal pumps, piping and electrical transformers