Tecumseh Products Company retained Foth to assist in Statement of Work/Consent Decree negotiations, and implement the Remedial Design (RD) and Remedial Action (RA) work related to PCB-contaminated sediments at the Sheboygan River Superfund Site. The river had shallow depths and high velocities in the project area, and site access crossed private property.


Foth needed to eliminate the source of contaminants to the river system. Some contaminated floodplain soils and river sediments in the Sheboygan River required remediation to reduce sediment PCB concentrations. Foth designed a sediment removal system that works in shallow water depths and with high water velocities, while maintaining control of suspended solids.


Mass removal and target concentration remedial action objectives were achieved. Foth designed source removal actions with the use of 3-D modeling software to visualize the lateral and vertical extent of the PCB source area. Our technological expertise, sediment experience and relationships with numerous marine contractors helped us develop effective, cost-efficient remediation procedures and sediment resuspension control measures. Fair access agreements were achieved with the adjacent property owners and industries, benefiting the project budget. And we successfully managed and reduced liability for Tecumseh.