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Boiler Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Boiler Flue Gas Heat Recover


Our client had a cost savings opportunity to recover waste heat from the boiler flue gas to preheat the boiler feed water. In addition, the Force Draft and Induced Draft Fans for the boiler were upgraded from steam turbine drives to VF electric motors. A new MCC room and PLC were included.


Because of the corrosive nature of condensation of flu gas, a fiberglass stack was needed. We designed a stack support structure for the fiberglass stack. The high temperature flue gas stream was diverted into new heat recovery system that preheated the boiler feed water. The flue gas then discharged through the new 250′ fiberglass stack.


Successful vertical start-up. Project delivered on budget and on schedule. Project is realizing 33MM BTU’s in recovered energy with a 1 year payback. “Detail of engineering, collaboration with construction and outage execution was almost perfect” – Client Project Manager.



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