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Mobile LiDAR System MLS on truck

City of Perry Citywide Mobile LiDAR Scan


The City of Perry, IA, originally teamed with Foth to utilize our in-house Mobile LiDAR Scanner (MLS) in order to best evaluate street and sidewalk conditions. As the project progressed, the City realized the potential opportunities with which they could apply the collected data; from future planning regarding anticipated growth opportunities, ADA compliance assessments, pavement condition analysis, helping develop capital improvement plans, rapid project development for funding opportunities, capturing a 3D building scan of their Historic Downtown District, to the possibility of working with autonomous vehicles for transportation needs.


After having mapped out the best route to accomplish and collect data from every roadway and alleyway within City limits, two members of our team completed the scan within ona and a half days. A mobile MLS command center was utilized in order to backup initial data, process the scan, and perform a QA/QC to verify no areas were missed. Provided from the scan were:

  • 4.1 TB of raw MLS collected data, laser and imagery
  • 524 GB of processed and colorized point cloud
  • 375,788 digital images captured of the corridor for PCI and extraction support, cloud colorization
  • 50+ 360-degree pano videos on the YouTube for virtual site review
  • 500 GB final 3D model size for the City


As a result, having scanned more than 60 miles of roadway and 10 of alleyway, our team was able to deliver the State’s first city-wide digital twin.

“Our team is excited to continue applying this technology in new, transformative ways to add value to our community as we become one of the first digitally-mapped cities in the Midwest.”
– Sven Peterson, City Administrator



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