Early initiatives to restore the Lower Fox River involved contributions and focused efforts of a myriad of stakeholder groups, not the least of which included major industry partners such as Georgia Pacific, among others. Georgia Pacific retained Foth to design and implement a sediment remediation project at an area known as SMU 56/57, known to have elevated levels of PCBs in sediment.

The RD/RA efforts needed to achieve all U.S. EPA and State cleanup objectives while conducting work in a manner that was protective of human health and the environment. The larger challenge, however, was achieving the above referenced objectives while attempting to remove approximately 50,000 cubic yards of PCB-contaminated sediment in a single construction season.


The remedial action was successfully completed on schedule, and in a manner that met the overarching remedial objectives for the site. Georgia Pacific received a written Notice of Completion from the U.S. EPA signifying that the remediation work for SMU 56/57 was successfully completed, and releasing them from future liability at this location.