Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, operates and maintains the large, intercommunity wastewater sewers (interceptors) and related facilities necessary to collect and transport wastewater from community sewer systems to wastewater treatment plants for the Twin Cities metropolitan area. This infrastructure includes nearly 640 miles of interceptors, 61 lift stations, and 188 meter stations.


Foth currently holds the master contract for sanitary sewer design and construction inspection for MCES and has been the sole source provider of these services since 2010. Throughout our project history with MCES, Foth has gained significant technical experience solving unique challenges, working with the public interests, and constructing large-scale sanitary sewer projects. Foth’s partnership has been founded on quality design and construction services and our team works seamlessly with MCES Project Managers and staff, ensuring quality and sustainable utility services for the metro area.


Over the past five years, the proposed Foth team has evaluated, designed, and provided construction inspection services for major sanitary sewer infrastructure projects, including:

  • 160,000+ feet of gravity and forcemain sanitary sewer
  • Large diameter pipe up to 96”
  • 450+ conveyance structures
  • 35+ lift and meter stations
  • 9 tunneling projects