Foth was retained by Judlau-DW White to perform pre- and post-construction
surveys in support of the Woods Memorial Bridge rehabilitation project. These surveys were done to the specifications dictated by the USACE and the Massachusetts DPW.

The project presented several challenging environmental conditions that had
to be overcome. The Malden River is a very shallow and narrow water body,
and shallow water makes full bottom coverage difficult with multibeam
systems. With Foth’s experience producing data in shallow water conditions,
the required data was able to be provided.

The bridge itself also makes data gathering difficult. Obstructed views of the
sky prevent proper GPS positioning, this is overcome with the use of inertial
positioning. Inertial positioning blends GPS positions with positions
calculated using vessel accelerations eliminating outages caused by overhead
obstructions. Deliverables for the project included obstruction delineation,
bathymetric data, and integrating existing and design profiles.