A major consumer products company in the healthcare industry developed a new product that required a custom manufacturing process.


Foth designed, manufactured and installed custom equipment to produce our client’s new product. The project required integrating our custom solution with “off the shelf” equipment. Time to market was critical during design and development of the equipment, and the system was subject to FDA validation requirements.


Foth was able to develop a fully integrated process that resulted in a compact manufacturing operation. It allowed for high production efficiency, increased product quality and first-of-its-kind equipment in the marketplace.

Competency Used

  • Custom Machine Design & Manufacturing
  • Electrical & Controls
  • Proof of principle modeling and testing
  • Sanitary design and FDA compliance
  • Performance guarantees and warranty
  • Laser coding and vision inspection systems
  • Printing capability and data acquisition
  • Tablet handling and orientation
  • Extensive testing requirements