Our client wanted to increase manufacturing operations on a site with little room for expansion.


By relocating their warehousing operations to an off-site location, space was created in a series of existing on-site warehouses. To maximize the efficiency of the manufacturing operation, machinery was placed in an area where four different warehouses met. The warehouses had been constructed at different times and had varying roof heights and column spacing.

Foth arranged for sub-surface soil information to be collected. We searched the client’s files for structural drawings of the existing warehouses. Structural drawings were created to raise portions of the warehouse roofs to provide the necessary clearance for manufacturing operations. Firewalls and columns were eliminated or relocated to accommodate large manufacturing equipment, and large concrete foundation mats were designed to carry manufacturing machinery with tight tolerances for uniformity. Foundations were also designed to support bridge cranes used during manufacturing operations and machine maintenance.


Structural drawings were created to get the project constructed quickly and meet the client’s operations schedule. Prefabricated manufacturing equipment and air handling systems fit very well into the redesigned manufacturing space. And windows in the raised portions of the roof allowed natural light into the manufacturing operation, which was well received by workers.

Competency Used

  • Structural engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • 3-D structural analysis and design
  • Knowledge of historical structural engineering systems and materials
  • Integration of equipment/system drawings, utility and building drawings