A leading U.S. food manufacturer purchased a partially constructed dairy project in a prime milk production region outside the U.S. The project had been idle for two years; designs had not been finalized and only 10% of site construction was complete. A remobilization effort was required to get the project back on track.


Foth provided full-time construction management services to get the project completed. We managed all site construction activity, which peaked at over 250 tradesmen during the project’s 15-month duration. The construction management team staffed up to seven full-time people, including foreign hires.


Foth was able to coordinate the project completion on schedule despite design changes and equipment delivery challenges. Our client was able to start production and see a return on their investment.

Competency Used

  • Construction Management
  • Foreign language skills
  • Safety oversight in a non-OSHA environment
  • Multi-trade, multi-contractor scheduling & coordination
  • Multinational equipment procurement, including import duty & tax processing
  • Constructability input on design details
  • Quality inspections and startup services
  • Budget tracking, including multinational currency conversions
  • Building modifications, boilers and utilities
  • Wastewater treatment, including ponds, a treatment facility and well drilling
  • Ammonia refrigeration systems, silos, tanks, pump, CIP, dryers and pasteurizers
  • Building office space, conference rooms and building security
  • Site road construction involving public highway modifications