Foth was retained by Centerra Gold, Inc. (a Canadian-based mining company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with operations centered in central Asia) to provide mine permitting and environmental management services for their existing and proposed mining operations in northern Mongolia. Centerra’s Mongolian operations consist of the existing Boroo Mine and a new proposed mine site in the Gatsuurt River Valley, located 50 kilometers to the east. The Boroo Mine consists of several open pit operations, a mill, a heap leaching facility, tailing basin and mine camp. Governmental approval of the Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA) is required for operations of the Gatsuurt Mine, which will consist of several open pit operations, waste rock management facilities and water treatment.


Foth worked with local mine staff to complete one DEIA for the proposed Gatsuurt Mine and another for modification of the existing mill to incorporate the Biox metallurgical processing of ore from the Gatsuurt mine. We also evaluated management plans for control of fugitive emissions in an arid environment, and evaluated the site hydrology to assess potential mine impacts on the water balance and water quality within the Gatsuurt River Valley. Foth performed a geochemical characterization of the waste rock at the Gatsuurt site to guide engineering requirements for managing waste rock and mitigating impacts from potential acid rock drainage. Finally, our team met and negotiated with regulatory staff from the Mongolian government to aid in the review and approval of the various DEIAs.


Centerra’s operations are located in developing countries that lack experience using the advanced mining standards typically associated with developed countries. Foth’s expertise in the areas of mine development, environmental management and compliance has helped Centerra develop mining operations that adhere to contemporary environmental standards. We’re currently deploying our intellectual capital to help our client’s local work force develop the necessary skills to complete mine planning in a manner that balances economic benefits with protection of the surrounding natural resources.