A nationally recognized producer of canned vegetables needed to prepare a Process Safety Management (PSM) program for its first ven­ture into ammonia-refrigerated warehous­ing.


Foth conduct­ed a site assessment to under­stand the level of effort required to assist operations where the warehouse was being built. We rapidly acquired an understanding of the facility’s unique environmental, health and safety footprint  to assess what conditions had to be reflected in the written plans. Our team interacted with several involved entities, includ­ing our direct client, the lessee company that was building the warehouse and the refrigera­tion equipment contractor. PSM plan preparation and supporting documentation followed our site visit, and a Clean Air Act Risk Management Plan (RMP) was submitted.   The facility has a long-established health and safety program, so the introduction of PSM required a culture change as well as many safety program updates. Foth utilized individuals high­ly experienced in preparing PSM plans and worked with plant safety and maintenance personnel to accomplish these goals.


Our client has gained an envi­ronmental partner to assist their other national businesses. They are confident that their PSM and RMP plans are compliant with federal OSHA and EPA requirements, and because of Foth’s training and collaborative approach, our client has developed the self-reliance to main­tain PSM and RMP program tools and reports on their own.