Foth is utilizing its economic development expertise and creating some of the largest business parks across the country and then coordinating with the state’s economic development offices to get the certified. State site certification assures developers and site selectors that the ground work is complete and that the new development site they are looking at is essentially pad-ready with many of the permitting and environmental review processes being complete. Foth is fortunate to have certified planners and economic developers that understand these processes and can work with local communities to create new business parks and site certifications in creative ways. Further, Foth has the infrastructure and environmental engineers on staff which is crucial in design and administration of any requiring for site certification review and approval.


Foth has a history of providing site certifications in many capacities working for private energy companies in expanding their gas/electric footprints as well as serving site selection firms in assuring sites for large firms looking to expand to a local community. Foth provides all necessary requirements including environmental studies, geotechnical reports, zoning, infrastructure design, financial feasibility reporting, master site planning, mapping, site selector administration, geospatial (drone) and marketing needs.

Here are a couple site certification project profiles Foth has recently been working on:

Eastern Iowa Super Park: Iowa’s first Super Park at nearly 600 acres in Cedar Rapids, IA included intensive environmental studies, title research, boundary surveys, utility infrastructure mapping, and regulatory agency coordination. Learn more here.
Prairie View Industrial Park – Alliant Energy: 700 acres in Ames, IA requiring extensive utility extensions and a railroad connection for future businesses. Learn More Here.
Beaver Dam Commerce Park – Alliant Energy: Will be Wisconsin’s largest certified site when complete at 500 acres. Learn More Here.
Foxconn Site Selection: Lead Engineer in fulfilling site selector requirements to bring Foxconn to Mount Pleasant, WI. Included all facets of usual site certification requirements on over 1,000 acres in a matter of months. Learn more here.